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Since 1997, Nanmat Technology has been developing, producing, and marketing advanced nano-scale chemical products, processes, and services for Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), and nano organo-ceramic coatings. From synthesis, formulation, and polymerization to applications of nano-materials, Nanmat offers its customers vertically integrated services in industries such as semiconductor, LED, photovoltaics, automobile, bicycle, consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial tool/components.

Working closely with customers, many industry-specific or customer-tailored product lines have been launched. NanoMate® nano-ceramic solutions have been proven to be an environment-friendly, cost-effective, easy-to-operate alternative for many existing commercial coating products. Many NanoMate® customers enjoy higher value-add by adopting this innovative finishing process.

  • Headquarters: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Major share-holder: Nantex Industry Co., Ltd. (TWSE Code: 2108, Taiwan listed)
  • Certificate (coprorate): ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CNS 15506
  • Certificate (product): RoHS, GMW 4700, GMW 16730

Core Technology

Nanmat uses 10-50 μm oxide particles to create an innovative nano-material. This organo-metallic material can be in gas form to be used as CVD/ALD precursors in semiconductor industry. It can be also in liquid form by adding nano metal oxide particles to become “Nano Ceramic Coating” or NanoMate®. Organo-ceramic nano oxide particles in NanoMate® react with the native oxide of the substrate material to create a strong chemical bond which prevents the penetration of moisture and therefore leads to a high corrosion resistance when applying NanoMate® on fasteners, for example. By adding various additives, NanoMate® can be implemented on a variety of materials, such as metals or glass.

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NanoMate® Coating Service

Asia For Taiwan area, Nanmat Headquarters T2 facility offers high volume plating and coating services; please call +1.408.623.4301 or email to inquire. Please check with us for more applicators in other Asia countries.

USA: Detroit-based MARSH PLATING CORPORATION is a high production metal finisher providing trivalent chromium free plating. With many standard finishes offered such as Zinc, Zinc Alloys, Zinc-Nickel, Zinc-Iron, Tin, Tin-Zinc, Tin Alloys, Electroless Nickel, Copper plating and E-coat, Marsh also provides NanoMate® dip-spin clear and balck finishing service . Please call +1.734.340.3817 or email to inquire.

NanoMate® Products

Would you like to let NanoMate® nano-ceramic coating bring your product ranking up a notch? It's easy and we are here to help. We are affiliated with many fastener manufacturers and machine shops in Taiwan to offer you one-stop-shopping with competitive pricing. Either sourcing for standard products or custom made to your specification, we will help find the most reliable vendors, and ship to your destination NanoMate®-ready. Please call +1.408.200.8345 or email to inquire.

News & Event

Taiwan International Fastener Show 2014: 2013/12/12, Visit Us at Taiwan International Fastener Show, 2014/4/14-15 Booth Number: A2625

GMW 16730: 2013/10/14, NanoMate®1810 has been certified by GMW16730 and been used as clear sealer for acid Zinc-Ni plating.

GMW 4700: 2013/06/01, NanoMate®1810-has been certified by GMW4700 and been used as clear sealer for Zinc-Ni plating.

Nano-Mark: 2012/12/14, NanoMate® series chemical certified by Taiwan Government sponsored Nano Mark to recognize the effort to improve environment