Full line electronic materials - your partner in high k, metal gate and low k

Since 1997, we have been offering our clients products from integrated circuits (IC), light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers to materials for their thin film depostion. It's our mission to ensure our clients' success by enabling their production yield improvement and COO (Cost of Ownership) reduction.

We not only manufacture electronic-grade, high-purity, standard or tailored CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) precursors, but also provide canister customization and valve cleaning and reclamation. To help our cients to stay ahead of the game, we concurrently develop innovative materials that ease their tranistion to the next generation production.

We are highly competent and experienced in meeting the requirements of top-tier global-scale semiductor fabs, and also stay agile and accessible to serve small/mid size clients.

Vertically integrated service: Front-end (synthesis, purification, analysis, manufacturing) to back-end (packaging, container, technical service, valve overhaul/cleaning)


Application Product Name
Dielectrics PMD/IMD >6N
Low K Dielectrics • 4MS • OMCATS
High K Dielectrics

• TAETO (Ta2O5 Precursor )
• TEMAZ (ALD ZrO2 Precursor)
• TMA (Al2O3 Precursor)

Metal Gate and Interconnect Metal • TDMAT ( TiN Precursor )
• TiCl4 ( Ti /TiN Precursor )

Low-Temp Nitride/Oxide • HCDS

Dopants • POCl3

Note:All precursors can also be modified with many other functional groups and provided by Nanmat in IC grades (>6N)


Service Description

Reclaim and save! Many of our clients are enjoying the saving by reclaiming their tool valves and pipelines. We have reclaimed hundreds and thousands of used valves. How do we do it?

Cleaning: All the received parts will be disassembled for cleaning.
Refurbishing: Consumable parts will be examined and repaired. New parts replaced if necessary.
Inspection: 100% reclaimed valves will need to pass the leakage test. A test report will be attached to ensure the quality of the reclamation.


Safe: All the reclaimed parts will be labeled so you can re-use it as the same tool.
Save: Small savings add up. Trim your operation cost by constantly recycling your parts.
Tool Performance: You don't need to max out the life cycle of the valve to save the new part cost. The reclamation service allows you change your valves more frequently to assure the product yield.

Sample Valve Cleaning

Post-cleaning Leakage Rate

Part Number Part Name Seat (scc/m)
3870-01306 VALVE AIR ACTUATED NC 1/4 VCR F-F 10 RA Less than 10 -7
0050-20123 GAS LINE, REDUCED FTG AMPOULE IN CVD RGB Less than 10 -7
0050-25197 GAS LINE, REDUCED FTG AMPOULE OUT CVD RGB Less than 10 -7

Test Run

Why throw away your money?
Just mail us your used valves and pipelines, and we will offer 50% off for your 1st trial order. You will receive a leadage test report to ensure the valve or pipeline sets will work almost like a new part. We are specializing in parts for TDMAT, TEOS. TEPO etc. Feel free to inquire if we can reclaim the valves on your CVD/ALD equipment.

See CVD/ALD precursor flyer?


NanoMate® Metal Coating Introduction Download PDF (1MB)
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