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From lab to workfloor, NanoMate® puts nano technology to work.

Using 10-50 μm oxide particles to create an innovative nano-material, this organo-metallic material can be in gas form to be used as CVD/ALD precursors in semiconductor industry. It can be also in liquid form by adding nano metal oxide particles to become “Nano Ceramic Coating” or NanoMate®.

ALD/CVD Precursor

We not only manufacture electronic-grade, high-puirty, standard or tailored CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) precursors, but also provide canister customization and valve cleaning and reclamation... (more)

NanoMate® Sealant

NanoMate® 1810/1811 series of sealant is designed to best protect Zinc plated parts. It can be applied on different layers such as Zinc, Zinc-Fe, and Zinc-Ni alloy etc. Just 2~3μm thick NanoMate® ... (more)

NanoMate® Finisher

NanoMate® coating solutions can be applied on materials such as Al, Mg, stainless steel. For anti-corrosive applications, it can eliminate or decrease heavy metal ion usage thereby eliminating or at least minimizing waste disposal ...(more)